Cities define the future

SymbioCity is a holistic and inclusive approach to sustainable urban development that transforms urban challenges into opportunities.

SKL International and SALAR use SymbioCity to support local, regional and national governments with the aim of improving living conditions through better urban planning. Based on the pioneering experience of Swedish cities, the methodology has been fine-tuned to meet the challenges of developing and transition countries, and applied in northern and southern Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. By integrating economic, environmental, sociocultural and spatial dimensions along with gender and pro-poor perspectives, we promote sustainable and inclusive cities for all.

Urban know-how

SymbioCity is founded on the long experience of Swedish municipalities in sustainable urban development together with best practices from SKL International’s work on the ground in developing and transition countries. SymbioCity provides methods, processes and tools that identify synergies between urban systems, revealing potential for improved living standards, safety, comfort and quality of life for all. Rather than working in silos, different sectors join forces, with meaningful participation for civil society, academia, business and other stakeholders throughout the process. Together we know so much more.

Enabling sustainable urban development

SymbioCity helps cities and towns to develop in a sustainable and inclusive way – from blueprint to tangible results on the ground. We work at all stages of planning, developing and managing the city.

The type of support we provide depends on local needs, priorities and circumstances. One or more of the following services can be combined in a SymbioCity project:

Achieving the goals of Agenda 2030

Both the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 and the New Urban Agenda recognise the potential of cities for a sustainable future and the importance of a holistic, integrated and inclusive approach to urban development.

SymbioCity does not offer ready-made solutions to all urban challenges. Instead, it shows the way to achieving sustainable urban development by moving from ideas to action. The approach operationalises the two global agendas by not merely showing what needs to be done, but demonstrating how to move into action and fulfill the commitments.