Getting in touch with the SKL International team

The SymbioCity Secretariat is based at SKL International's head office in Stockholm, Sweden. We can handle all questions regarding our methodology and approach. If you have a question on a specific project you can reach out directly to the Project Manager.
SymbioCity Secretariat
Helena Ohlsson
Focal point, Urban Specialist, Project manager Myanmar
Anna G:son Berg
Project manager Kenya
Ana-Karin Municio
Project manager Colombia and Ethiopia
Paul Dixelius
Project manager Tunisia
Mats Jarnhammar
Urban expert

Getting in touch with our local teams

Our local teams are operational only during ongoing projects.

Shoko Sakuma
International Programme Coordinator
Hsu Mon Kyaw
National Programme Coordinator
Björn Ekelund
SymbioCity Facilitator
Chiraz Gafsia
SymbioCity local Coordinator
Daniel Andersson
SymbioCity Facilitator
Belay File
National Urban Expert
Anna Älgevik
Environmental consultant, SWECO
Ximena García
National Urban Expert
Daniel Andersson
SymbioCity Facilitator
Mariam Ndaru
Maureen Njoga
Urban Development Specialist
Everlyne Otieno
Urban Development Specialist
Robert Rawinji
Urban Development Specialist