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SymbioCity in China

The SymbioCity Pilot Project in Duyun had the overall objective of enhancing the capacity of local governments in China in sustainable urban development and service provision to citizens.

The project consisted of two parts. The first was a pilot application of the SymbioCityapproach, which involved cooperation managed jointly by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities (SALAR), SKL International and the China Association of Mayors (CAM) and benefited the municipality of Duyun and the Swedish municipality of Eskilstuna. 

 The second part was to implement the Citizen Service Centre (CSC) concept, developed jointly by CAM and SALAR between 2008 and 2010.

  • Strengthened institutional capacity of Duyun and Eskilstuna to develop an urban environment that is sustainable and contributes to enhanced quality of life for inhabitants
  • A series of concrete projects to enhance urban sustainability in Duyun, including in mobility,traffic and energy
  • Enhanced capacity of Duyun to provide services to citizens
  • A role for Duyun as a pilot for other Chinese cities within sustainable urban development and citizen service provision
  • A long-term partnership established between the municipalities of Duyun and Eskilstuna, contributing to increased awareness and enhanced knowledge in both municipalities.

Budget 6.55 million SEK



The partner municipalities Duyun and Eskilstuna jointly developed an Urban Sustainability Review (USR) of Duyun. The USR resulted in indicators, scenarios, impact analyses and an action plan.

The project resultant Citizen Service Center Guidebook was used to establish a pilot CSC in Duyun. The Swedish municipality of Eskilstuna used its own experience from working with CSCs to provide input on the establishment of CSC in Duyun.

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