NEW: Planning Our Towns – A Toolkit for Inclusive Urban Development in Kenya

Planning Our Towns provides guidance on integrating an inclusive, participatory and holistic perspective into urban planning and development in Kenya. Download and use it today!

Based on the key principles planning for peopleplanning with people and integrated planning the toolkit provides practical tools, methods and examples which can be used in different stages of the planning process. If you are a leader or administrator in government, a physical or development planner, or work in urban planning in any way, this toolkit is for you!

Download Planning Our Towns (PDF)


Implementing the inclusive planning principles in the toolkit contributes to:

» Better plans and projects, that are more relevant, better designed, and attend more meaningfully to the needs of the community.

» Improved collaboration both within county government and with other stakeholders, leveraging resources, harmonising activities, and generating new urban solutions.

» Empowered communities, who take ownership and contribute to results.

» Smooth implementation, through a well-designed planning and implementation process.

» Inclusive urban areas, which offer opportunities for all.

Planning Our Towns was developed as part of the SymbioCity Kenya programme, drawing from the experiences of the seven Pilot Counties, and promoting the principles of Kenya’s County Spatial Planning Guidelines. The toolkit is distributed by the CoG’s knowledge centre Maarifa.