SymbioCity Presented at the ISOCARP Annual Congress

From 24th to-27th October, SKL International participated at the 53rd Annual Congress of ISOCARP (International Society of City and Regional Planners) in Portland, USA.

As a complementary tool to urban development guidelines, the SymbioCity Approach (SCA) illustrates how universal principles can be taken to local application, supporting cities globally to enable a more sustainable urban development.

Helena Ohlsson (Urban Specialist) and Paul Dixelius (Development Director) presented SymbioCity under the topic “From What to How”, sharing experiences on concrete ways to implement the New Urban Agenda grounded on local realities, including examples of methods used in urban development projects in different contexts.

SKL International also participated in the UN-Habitat led event “The International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning: Bridge for planning & innovation” discussing the common threads and synergies identified between the Guidelines and the SymbioCity Approach.